Despicable Me 3: Still Heartwarming as the Previous Movies

Posted 07/19/2017 4787

Despicable Me 3 is everything that you have come to expect from it and more! It is like an everlasting gobstopper of sweetness, goo, and color that you love to hate and hate to love.

 And... the movie's soundtrack is infectious as it captures the essence of a great "80's"! With each throw-back track that is placed in all the right scenes, the music becomes more and more addictive.

The beginning movie scene starts with a heist that proves to be very comical. Supervillain (Trey Parker) aka Balthazar who sports a purple suit and a gaudy mullet (80's childstar stuck in time) - is now trying to rob the world of its largest diamond.

Lucy (Kristen Wig) and Gru make valiant attempts to stop him in his tracks but only fail at their mission. This causes them to lose their positions in the Antivillain league.

As Gru hits rock-bottom, he also makes the discovery long, lost that he has a twin-brother, Dru. Dru is also voiced by "The Office's", Steve Carell.  Dre winds up inviting his estranged family to visit him. The lack of villany from Gru is driving the Minions crazy. All goes well for the "family reunion" until Balthazar comes into the picture with the vengeance of all vengeances.

It may be an animated film targeted towards audiences of children, but Despicable Me 3 has the power to entertain everyone of all ages. It also tosses in a few of the best "feel good" moments of an animated movie in a long time.

With more than a single plot point focus, the film shows Lucy really embracing her new "motherly" role and also the minions find themselves locked in jail. Although these entangled webs of plotlines are somewhat confusing, they are entertaining, none the less.

The best character of them all in this film appears to be Balthazar Bratt! He reels you in from the get go and his dancing quirkiness is show-stealing to say the least. You can depend on hearing one of your favorite 80's song in every scene that he appears in and be prepared to laugh outloud a lot during his moments onscreen.

One of the storylines that seemed to lack luster was that of the Dru/Gru - twin brother plot. It seemed redundant and their interaction was not stupendous or interesting enough to garner much acclaim from critics.

Thousands of children got what they wanted out of Despicable Me 3 and it will continue to entertain them for years to come. Parents and adults will agree that this movie was not so sufferable. The ability of the film to trigger your memories and for it to personify such tremendous, happy emotion is priceless.

Rumors and reports claim that there is definitely going to be a Despicable Me 4! Let's hope that they keep up the good work and continue to entice and entertain audiences of all ages.