To the Bone: Riveting Film About Anorexia

Posted 07/24/2017 816

There are not too many films that have such a significant take-away these days. And although it may be a hard-watch as some critics claim Netflix's 'To the Bone'  is a riveting film that leaves a resounding message in your head & in your life.

Eating disorders have become less of a tainted subject in modern society - but issues such as anorexia aren't so often talked about unless referred to in a non-chalant way. People just do not take it as seriously as they should.

However, "To the Bone" addresses the serious nature of the disease and sheds a harsh light on the cold-hard facts surrounding those that suffer from "starving themselves to death."

Faced with her eating disorder 20 Year-Old, Ellen (Lily Collins) continues to go in and out of various "rehab & recovery" programs only to find herself getting even thinner.  After intervention to intervention, her less than functional family intervenes by shipping her off to a youth recovery facility- that is administrated by an untraditional physician.

Ellen becomes shell-shocked from the wierd rules at her new sanctuary, and has to rediscover herself, accept the situation, and also confront the demons that have stood at the root of her illness.

The great aspect of this film is the brutal truths that are brought forth by the characters at such a genuinely accountable level. Because of the evolvement of acceptance/consequences that encourage the characters to dig deep to heal and get better - this film is truly one of a kind.

Collins definitely outshines anyone for this type of role and we are strongly empathetic and grateful for the grueling preparations she had to make to pull off the character so well.

The other key characters such as Luke played by Alex Sharp is a scene-stealer with all the essence of someone who truly grasps the gravity of the role and character's situation- such a man Pollyanna, he is.

Fortunately, the trifecta of motherly figures (Kelly Preston, Brooke Smith, Lili Taylor) supporting and intermingled with Ellen's dilemma and all involved with trying to help her in the best ways possible.

 And... the few scenes they interact in clearly portray the unconditional "motherly love" that is associated with the most dysfunctional dynamics of families who just want someone they love to overcome their demons.

"To the Bone" is a Netflix original film that will become a classic movie that serves as example for those who fall prey to a disease that takes thousands of lives annually. Some critics may disagree that it has the girth and strength to express the message clearly- but anyone who watches this film will understand the "strong" message and vibes it sends to them - through albeit - some heart-wrenching moments.