War for the Planet Of the Apes Impressively Sweeps Box Office!

Posted 07/19/2017 3074

War for the Planet of the Apes made its debut on Friday, and it already is making Spiderman: Homecoming have a run for its money! Just as assumed this blockbuster is capturing audiences all over with fans reveling in this fresh rebooted sequel and proclaiming it to be "utterly riveting."

Surprisingly, this movie is not inundated with a vast amount of violent, action packed scenes. Instead Matt Reeves, the director took a different path by implementing a nice "human touch" combined with "complex emotions" that are threaded finely into the various characters. This effect leaves the take-away, premise of this film to be that loss and death is riddled with significant consequences.

War for the Planet of the Apes takes place after what was left off by "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" where the Simian Flu is continuing to kill off all of humanity. Woody Harrelson plays Colonel McCullough a new cold-hearted adversary of the ongoing conflict between surviving humans and Koba the ape.

And... Ceaser and his hybrid ape followers are continuing to thrive as they have remained in hiding beyond the mountains in California - while knowing that their time there is limited.

As McCullough's army rich in Koba's renegades closes in and Ceaser has a run-in with him - Ceaser and his followers upon the advisement of Maurice (Karin Konoval) decide to take drastic action and head out to the human-base.

Upon his journey he discovers that the war with the humans has caused severe endangerment to the future of the apes. So, Ceaser is met with the tough choice to get his revenge or salvage the better future for the apes.

Director Matt Reeves does an outstanding job at evolving and building all of the dynamic relationships in this film. There are very melancholy times in this movie that intermingle with great action and excellent visual-effects.

Reeves also does a bang-out job of portraying the dynamics between the ape's lifestyle and their complex personal relationships works as a full-expression of the tightness between that of Ceaser as a burdened leader and his loyal followers.

It is also the humans and the actors mind-blowing portrayals of the characters that is all encompassing and so inspirational. Clearly, all of these aspects of the movie have contributed to its tremendous success.

In a cinematic perspective, War for the Planet of the Apes is something to be seen! It not only meets expectations - it blows them out of the ballpark. Every violent scene is done masterfully and in essence to really complement each and every unfolding moment of the story- making it a pleasantly dramatic experience for all.

With all genuineness, Reeves has done it again by directing a film every bit worthy of all of the high-acclaim it has received in just a few days!